Have You Added A Sewer Scope to Your Home Inspection?

Grease Build-Up

Sewer systems are something most people don’t think about…until it is too late. 

Many assume that older homes may have problems, but don’t think that new homes and newer lines also have problems. But sewer scopes are always a good idea when purchasing a home. Best case scenario you get a baseline understanding of the state your sewer line, and worst case, you can prevent larger, more expensive issues.

A Few Reasons to Schedule a Sewer Scope Today

  1. Repairs Can Be Expensive: Sewer line repairs typically cost $5000 or  more. Repairs can be as simple as spot repairs, to full line replacement (much more expensive), and a buyer should know what condition the line is in so they can use the information in the home buying process.
  1. Roots and Blockage: Roots go towards the water and nutrients in sewer lines. Blockages can also happen for many other reasons.
  1. Line Settlement and Damage: Lines can settle over time and settle from incorrect installation. The joints can come loose, become off-set, or things can start to puncture through the line.
  2.  Wear and Tear and Installation Error: Wear and tear happens with age, and deterioration and holes can occur; in addition, even with the best intentions, workers are human and make mistakes.

Spending a little time & money now can prevent costly & ‘messy’ problems later!

Root Intrusion

Blockage (Dirt and Roots)

Something Puncturing a Newer Line

Off- Set Joint Allows Water and Material to Stop

Hello! I got in from a hole in your pipe.

For peace of mind, schedule your sewer scope today

Feel free to reach out to us for any help or questions.